A OMGWTF moment occurs when something so surprising happens that you can only exclaim ‘O My God, What The F*ck’?! These are the top five ‘O My God, What The F*ck’ moments in gaming.

Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic – Revan reveal

Finding out you’ve been playing the entire game as the bad guy in Cotore is a jaw-dropping moment. Gamers had their minds blown when they discovered they weren’t playing a normal Jedi but a freaking Dark Lord of the Sith.

Bioshock – Would you kindly?

Realising you’ve been mind controlled by the bad guy throughout Bioshock was a huge shock for gamers. You discover you were programmed to follow orders with the phrase ‘would you kindly?’. It’s an amazing plot twist and beautiful observation on the illusion of choice in gaming.

AC Brotherhood – Stabbing Lucy

The story of Assassin’s Creed has always been interesting but shit finally got real in Brotherhood. A member of the First Civilization takes control of Desmond stabbing Lucy in the stomach to ‘Open the path’. This shocking moment makes us even more curious about the events in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 3.

Eternal Darkness – The entire game

Eternal Darkness is a lot like the older brother you never had. This game is constantly trying to mess with you. From supposedly deleting saves to making your character explode and switching the channel: Eternal Darkness is full of ‘O My God, What The F*CK’ moments.

Super Mario Bros – Hidden warp room

Everybody knows the first time a friend showed them the hidden warp room in Super Mario Bros. Discovering you could easily warp to another level completely blew our young minds. It came in handy but let’s get this straight: Warping is lame. You aren’t a true Mario fan if you have to warp to beat this game.

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