The world of games is full of weirdo’s but these guys are downright sleazy. Lock up your sister and get ready for the five biggest perverts in gaming!

5. Winston – Tomb Raider

Imagine you’re a girl trying to take shower when you suddenly hear this sound … That’s the sound of Lara’s old butler Winston who slowly follows her around the house. It’s impossible to get this old pervert off your back … unless you know the fridge trick.

4. Dave – Fallout 3

When you stumble upon The Republic of Dave in Fallout 3 you’re in for something special. Here you find a guy who founded his own republic and married not one but two women … This power hungry pervert completely brainwashed his entire family … and that’s pretty sick.

3. Paco Mendez – Heavy Rain

One look at Paco Mendez in Heavy Rain and you know he’s a pervert. After dancing for him in a night club he asks you to come up to his private room. There you find out Paco is the kind of pervert that likes to get off while holding women at gunpoint. Luckily Madison Paige knows just how to deal with this guy…

2. Tingle – The Legend of Zelda

Tingle is a short 35-year-old man who is completely obsessed with “forest fairies”. This fellow likes to dress up in tight costume while wearing his underwear on the outside. He also makes all sort of weird high pitched noises. We have no idea what this guy is into but we’re pretty sure it’s something nasty.

1. Leisure Suit Larry – Leisure Suit Larry

Larry Laffer is a balding, dorky, loser in his 40s. He spends his life trying to seduce attractive women without any success. Rejection doesn’t seem to bother this lovable pervert one bit… Where other heroes go out to save the world, Larry just wants to get laid, making him the ultimate pervert in gaming.

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