Love scenes in video games are often more comical than sexy. Here’s are the five most noteworthy examples of getting down and dirty the awkward way.

5. Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy Tiffany Scene
The love scene in Indigo Prophecy starts out with a kiss that looks like two birds feeding each other. The awful music by some Nickelback-wannabe only makes things worse. And you actually have to CONTROL the love making. It’s so awkward.

4. Mass Effect 3
All the love scenes in the Mass Effect games are uncomfortable including the romance between Shepard and Cortez. Bioware has to start handling this stuff better if they want convincing gay relationships in their games.

3. Heavy Rain
The love scene in Heavy Rain is full awkward kissing and body movement. The scene goes on for a really long time and things only get worse. You know you’re watching an awkward love scene when you have to take off a bra in a quick time event.

2. Alpha Protocol
The way in which you get molested in Alpha Protocol is really awkward. The fact that you actually get an achievement makes it even weirder. If this happened to a women we doubt you would get rewarded for it. Talk about double standards in gaming.

1. Elf-on-Dwarf Action in Dragon Age: Origins
The Elf on Dwarf action in Dragon Age: Origins is the most awkward love scene in gaming. The whole thing is just so wrong.

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