Whew! Another year, another boat-load of video game controversy to grit your teeth over. And man was there a lot of it in 2013. From DLC stupidity and copyright corruption all the way to secret nudity. 2013 had it all and much, much more. So let’s kick open the book on our top five gaming controversies of 2013.

5. Ranger Mode Rip-Off – Metro: Last Light

2013 was absolutely rife with DLC-related shenanigans. But it was the audacity to force players to cough up extra cash for Metro: Last Light’s hardest difficulty setting that really took the biscuit. $5 for a difficulty setting? I’d rather pay for horse armour, thanks.

4. Ellen Page: Debuggery – Beyond: Two Souls

It seems the stars were never aligned in Beyond: Two Souls’ favour. Poor fan reception aside, something very unexpected emerged. Using a debugged PS3, hidden camera angles were discovered in the game’s shower scene and pictures exploded onto the web. According to Sony the naked body isn’t actually Ellen Page’s, but the contents were still very damaging for the actress.

3. GTA Online – Grand Theft Auto V

It’s completely understandable for a game to not be 100% at launch. Especially the multiplayer. But GTA Online took things to a whole new level of sloppiness and ridiculousness. Crashes, glitches and corrupt saves were but a mere appetiser. The main course wasn’t all that excellent either unfortunately.

2. WildGameStudios Youtube ban – Day One: Garry’s Incident

No-one wants to hear that something they worked on sucked. But there’s no need to abuse copyright laws as damage control for rightful criticism either. YouTube’s TotalBiscuit was one such victim of this treatment and boy did it backfire on WildGameStudios. It’s Infestation: Survival Stories all over again.

1. Xbox One – All of it

The big one. 24-hour check-in, no used games and restrictions wherever possible. You name it, they tried it. And no-one was going to stand for it. They changed their story in the end, but that will never repair all the bridges they burned and the people they spurned as a result of their poor decisions and greed.

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