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Most countries are proud to have freedom of speech. The free traffic of information, ideas and ideals creates a better world for everyone…
But all bets are off when it comes to games. These five games were blacklisted and purged by governments of several countries around the world, due to their extremely violent and often bloody content.

5. Carmageddon

In several countries including Germany the first version of Carmageddon was censored. Back in 1997 a game in which you had to drive a car and run over as many pedestrians as possible was considered a big deal. The censored version of Carmageddon contained green blood and replaced the humans with zombies. ‘Cuz even the most puritan official agrees that killing zombies is, well, okay.

4. Postal

1997 was great year for violent games since it also unleashed Postal upon the gaming world. Because of the brutal violence in this shooter, the game was banned in over ten countries. Its success spawned two game sequels and a movie by German director Uwe Boll. The movie and third game received terrible reviews and are likely responsible for killing off the entire franchise.

3. Manhunt

Manhunt was banned in several countries in 2003. The way in which the player executes enemies made this the gaming equivalent of a snuff movie. Its sequel received an Adults Only rating, effectively blocking the game from being sold in the US. Developer Rockstar was forced to censor the kills in the game in order to get it onto American store shelves.

2. Wolfenstein 3D

Due to its use of Nazi symbols and the inclusion of Adolf Hitler, Wolfenstein 3D was banned in Germany in 1994. Nintendo censored the Super NES version that followed, removing all references to Nazis. Twenty years after its release, Wolfenstein 3D remains controversial. In 2011 Austria and Switzerland decided to ban the iPad en iPhone version of the game because of Nazi symbols.

1. Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat kept many parents and public officials up at night in 1992. The violence in this game lead to politicians giving the game industry one year to form its own rating system. The Entertainment Software Rating Board, or ESRB, was created and is still used to this day. Mortal Kombat is the game that singlehandedly forced all future games to be rated at all, making this the most controversial game on our list.

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