What are the sexiest scenes you can find in games released in 2016?

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10. Final Fantasy XV – Cindy
Final Fantasy XV is kind of a bro fest featuring an all male cast of characters. However they did include the sexy mechanic Cindy. She has a great Southern drawl and pretty amazing outfit. We’re sure female fans of the series are going to cosplay the hell out of her.

9. Far Cry Primal – Love scene
Far Cry Primal took going primal quite literally. In one scene in the game you can see a caveman and woman go at it. It doesn’t look very romantic but we guess those were different times back then. It’s quite brutal that you have to kill the guy while he’s banging his cave girlfriend. Well at least he died doing what he loved most?

8. Watch Dogs 2 – Stripclub
Watch Dogs 2 is an open world game like GTA so of course it has its own stripclub you can visit. While we like the stripclub in GTA 5 better it’s cool that the developers took the effort to put one in the game. Since the game is set in a virtual San Franciso it also has its fair share of crazy people like body painters and nudist colonies.

7. Loading Human love scene
Loading Human has the first ever love scene in virtual reality on the Playstation 4. This has to be the reason why a lot of people bought their expensive headsets in the first place. The scene is only 30 seconds long and not as exciting as we had hoped.

6. Gal Gun: Double Peace
Gal Gun: Double Peace is a sexy rail shooter with a crazy story. You play a high school boy who accidentally eats a full power cupid shot and becomes insanely popular with the ladies at his academy. However, having an entire lifetime’s sex appeal condensed into one day is not without its problems.

5. Street Fighter V – Mika & Chun Li
Street Fighter V was in the news a couple of times in 2016 for all sorts of sexy reasons. First they removed the ass-smacking celebration of Mika which upset a lot of fans.They explained that they didn’t want to have something in the game that might make someone uncomfortable.

4. Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Red Light District
Adam Jensen might be mostly cyborg but he’s still a man with needs. Luckily there’s a Red Light District in the Eastern European town of Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It’s very cool to see what brothels will look like in the future. Turns out the pole dancers and window girls are more open minded than the citizens in this town.

3. DOAX 3: Fortune
Fans of the Dead or Alive Xtreme series know exactly what they are getting into. This franchise is all about looking at sexy ladies while they are relaxing on a tropical Island. Since gaming tends to be more politically correct nowadays the publisher didn’t want to release it in the West out of fear for social justice warriors.

2. Haydee
Haydee is a hardcore puzzle platformer that tore up the Steam charts in 2016. The protagonist’s breasts and butt are front and center during gameplay whereas everything else feels sterile. According to players Haydee’s sexed-up appearance is deceiving and there’s a good game hiding underneath it all.

1. Senran Kagura: Estival Versus
Senran Kagura: Estival Versus shocked a lot of gamers. This fast paced beat em up takes Dynasty Warriors and mixes it into an anime fighting game with boobs, lots and lots of boobs. If that isn’t your thing this really isn’t going to be for you.


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