Resident Evil 7 brings the series back to its roots while making it all feel new again. Get ready for our top 10 scariest Resident Evil 7 moments. And spoiler warning of course!

10. Dinner with the Baker family
At the core of Resident Evil 7’s story is the Baker family that protagonist Ethan Winters encounters early on in the game. Their presence is immediately unsettling, and their actions and demeanor make it unclear what exactly is wrong with them. Having dinner with them is really disturbing as you are force fed all sorts of garbage. Especially in VR this is downright nasty.

9. Finding Andre
Resident Evil 7 has a great gameplay segment where you play a cameraman who’s filming a TV show that’s all about scary ghost houses. You follow the producer and host around as they scout the location and have some really great conversations. The mood changes when Andre suddenly disappears. Finding him in the basement facing the wall reminded us a lot of the Blair Witch project movie.

8. Jack Baker
In the first few hours of Resident Evil 7 you are being chased around the house by Jack Baker. Since you don’t have any real weapons yet you feel extremely vulnerable which makes it that much more scary. When you later on find a gun and finally take him down you think that’s the end of it. So imagine our surprise when he pops out of nowhere later on in the game. This guy simply won’t die and reminds us a lot of Nemesis from Resident Evil 3.

7. Disgusting moments
Resident Evil 7 has a couple of truly disgusting moments. Trust us you will want to take off your VR headset and play these on a regular television. The first nasty thing you have to do is to grab a key by shoving your hand down the neck of a decomposing corpse. After that you have to reach into a toilet full of crap to grab a dirty telescope. Well that ruined our appetite for a couple of hours.

6. Mia
Resident Evil 7’s story revolves around Ethan in search of his missing wife Mia. She’s been presumed dead for several years, and his search leads him to the swamps of Louisiana. When you first find her everything seems normal but that quickly changes. Her switching between her normal and possessed self really freaked us out. Not to mention the moment when she cuts off your freakin arm with a chainsaw. And just when you think she’s gone she starts chasing you around again!

5. Wind up clown
A lot of people are scared of clowns and Resident Evil 7 has some new nightmare fuel for those poor souls. When you wind up this bastard he grabs you by the arm and tattoos the word LOSER on it. Not cool bro!

4. Evelyn
Just like clowns little girls can be very scary in their own right. Evelyn is the obligatory spooky little girl, whose origins are the plot’s biggest revelations in Resident Evil 7. She has some of the scariest scenes in the entire game. And if you upset her you are going to have a very bad time… No seriously don’t mess with this horrible child or you will regret it.

3. Marguerite Baker
Marguerite Baker is a crazy lantern wielding woman in Resident Evil 7. When you play Mia’s videotape you are suddenly playing hide and seek with this awful creature. This leads to some really tense moments of stealth gameplay. And just when you finally think you’ve successfully escaped she pulls you back in. She really is the queen of jumpscares and grabs you throughout the game when you least expect it.

2. Aunt Rhody
Aunt Rhody is an old wheelchair bound pensioner that pops out throughout the game even though she’s unable to move. It’s creepy as hell and we are sure that she will jump out of her chair and really scare us to death one of these days. For now all she does is hum but that makes it even more scary to be honest. She even has her own song called Go tell Aunt Rhody that everybody is dead.

1. Creepy ghost lady
The scariest moment in the whole of Resident Evil 7 is also the most subtle one. When you play the section with the film crew in the early part of the game you can encounter a creepy ghost lady. She can appear at at least 7 known locations around the house. You really have to look to find her and there’s a big chance you didn’t see her at all when you played this part of the game. However those who did will remember it for a very long time to come…

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