A good boss can make a great game that much more awesome. A lame boss, on the other hand can make you regret ever picking up the controller in the first place. Here is our top 10 horrible boss fights that almost ruined their games!

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10. The Human Reaper – Mass Effect 2
The Terminator, as it’s often called, is our disappointment with the otherwise excellent Mass Effect 2. The most epic game in the series has this completely unnecessary boss fight that really feels out of place. The Reaper was created by the Collectors using a substance made from thousands of abducted human colonists.

9. Necron – Final Fantasy IX
The last few hours of Final Fantasy IX really build up to an amazing ending. That is until this random being appears that was given no prior mention in the story and now he wants to destroy the world. Necron is barely explained, and seems thrown in just to give the player one last challenge.

8. Hive Mind – Dead Space
In space, no one can hear how lame the fight against this massive space tentacle monster is. After hours of sneaking through creepy corridors the final boss lacked all of the suspense that the rest of the game used so well. This thing looks like a reject from the Lost Planet series with its massive tentacles and glowing weak spots.

7. Paul Serene – Quantum Break
Quantum Break has a terrible final boss that has a couple of fatal flaws. Your fight against Paul ‘Littlefinger’ Serene has a lengthy cutscene after each death in the boss battle. He is also spamming a screen-filling ‘kill all’ attack your way. Get caught in it and it’s game over, instantly, which will happen, because you have to take care off a bunch of other guys too.

6. The Destroyer – Borderlands
Borderlands was a very original shooter when it came out that added loot and lots of good jokes to the genre. It’s disappointing that the game’s final confrontation with The Destroyer is so unchallenging and unrewarding. The fight is nothing more than monotonously pumping rounds in the clearly visible and well-exposed weak points.

5. Nihilanth – Half-Life
After many hours of crowbarring your way through realistic looking environments Half-Life suddenly takes you to another dimension. Here you find yourself battling a final boss who resembles a demonic, fat-headed baby. If that isn’t weird enough, at some point, its head peels open like a banana so it can shoot lightning at you.

4. Joker – Batman Arkham Asylum
The Joker was an awesome enemy throughout Batman Arkham Asylum. He played interesting mindgames and managed to actually trick the Batman a couple of times. That’s why it’s extremely disappointing when he just turns into a generic monster at the end of the game.

3. All the bosses – Deus Ex: Human Revolution
We absolutely love Deus Ex: Human Revolution when it came out. The freedom this game gave you really was exceptional. It’s possible to play it like most other shooters by going in guns blazing and spending your upgrade points to boost your weapon abilities. But if you feed your points into the stealth abilities, you can play the game without killing anybody.

2. Shao Kahn – Mortal Kombat series
Shao Kahn is one of the most infuriating bosses in the history of gaming. This skull-faced creep is one of the cheapest fighting game opponents you’ll ever face. He spams moves over and over, locking you in animations so you can’t do anything. His attack do a crazy amount of damage and he teleports all over the arena.

1. Frank Fontaine – Bioshock
Bioshock is the masterpiece that was just one step away from true greatness. That ‘one step’ is the horrible final boss Frank Fontaine. This giant stone Hulk feels completely out of place in the amazing Bioshock universe. It’s basically a fight against a naked bloke who, after spending some time getting juiced in a chair, throws some ice and fire your way while charging around a bit.

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