2016 was a great year for gaming, but it also had its fair share of controversies. Last year Konami was stirring up the gaming community, but this year it looks like the controversies are a little more diverse. So, hold onto your butts, because here is our top 10 video game controversies of 2016.

10. Tracer in Overwatch
That fact many people think that the representation of female game characters might sometimes be a little offensive or sexistic, is not a surprise. This also occurred in the case of Blizzard’s Overwatch character Tracer. One of her poses was a little too butt-centric according to some gamers. One of the players complained about this and Blizzard reacted by removing the whole animation from the game. T

9. Controversial reviews
It sucks when somebody talks shit about your favorite game. However, some gamers are a little oversensitive when it comes to the review scores of some of their most beloved titles. Fans of Uncharted 4 started a petition to erase the Washington Post review of the game from metacritic because it gave it a four out of ten.

8. Binding of Isaac rejected in app store
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth was the latest victim of Apple’s harsh guidelines for their app store. The iPhone and iPad version were rejected by Apple due to the violence against children depicted in the game. The founder of the development studio behind the port tweeted ‘C’mon , wtf…Apple’, causing a small uproar questioning Apple’s guidelines again.

7. PSN bans Jihad real name
A 26-year old Saudi gamer was surprised when Sony locked down his PSN account. He used the word ‘Jihad’ in his PSN name, which means something like ‘Holy war’ in Arabic and is often associated with Islamic terrorism. The kid however couldn’t help the fact that ‘Jihad’ also happened to be his real name, which he wanted to use for his account. In the aftermath Sony contacted the Saudi gamer and insisted that he would change his username, and thereby losing all his friends and trophies.

6. Fire Emblem Fates controversial scene removal
Fire Emblem Fates for Nintendo 3DS might be the best game the handheld got this year. However the Western version is not entirely the same as the Japanese one, that was released a year earlier. A drugging scene was scrapped by Nintendo. During the scene the female character Soleil gets some powder slipped into her drink by a male protagonist without her knowing.

5. Pokemon Go disasters
2016 was the year of Pokemon GO and a lot of you guys probably played the hell out of it. It was and is still a fun game to play, though it did stir some controversy over the year. Not everybody was happy with the huge success of this augmented reality game. Some thieves used the app to lure victims into an armed robbery which is pretty nasty.

4. Baldur’s Gate Transgender issue
Baldur’s Gate expansion Siege of Dragonspear included a transwoman character and a one-line joke reference to GamerGate. After that critical gamers started to harass and insult staff members and developers of the game. The team behind the game declared they developed the game as a team and will react to this criticism and harassment as a team. The critical gamers saw the inclusion of the character as political correctness and LGBT tokenism.

3. Twitch bans bikini streamer
Zoie Burgher, also known as the ‘Bikini Streamer’, was banned a couple of times from livestreaming service Twitch. You might know her as the person who played Black Ops 3 in a bikini. Well she was actually keeping a low profile for a few months because of an upcoming official Twitch convention, but nonetheless got banned because she wore a costume that was deemed to sexual.

2. No Man’s Sky false advertising
No Man’s Sky was probably the most anticipated and most hyped game of the year that turned out to be pretty boring. The British developer of the game, Hello Games, couldn’t keep the promises they made in interviews. The biggest problem was the multiplayer mode being absent in the final game, while gamers were looking forward to conquer the universe together.

1. Youtubers Gambling Scandal
The Youtube gaming scandal was probably the biggest controversy of the year. Two Youtube gamers were heavily criticised because they were promoting a betting website. That on its own isn’t the shocking part, but the fact that these guys owned the betting website themselves is.

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