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One month ago you guys, the ZoominGames Community, had your chance to let your voice be heard. You got to vote for the best games of the year. And you decided that these ten games are the best of what 2016 had to offer. This is the ZoominGames Community Game of the Year 2016!

Number 10. Hitman – PC XBO PS4
For the first time ever Hitman was distributed as an episodic game. Every couple weeks Square Enix distributed a new setting and a new contract for Agent 47. The targets in these open world locations can be eliminated in multiple ways, and clearly you guys loved this.

Number 09. Titanfall 2 – PC XBO PS4
Titanfall 2 had tough competition this year from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1. All three games released around the same time and this clearly impacted the sales. But the quality of this game did not go unnoticed.

Number 08. Watch Dogs 2 – PC XBO PS4
We hoped the Watch Dogs series would recover from the disaster that was the first game a few years back. And sure, the name is still tainted, but according to you guys Watch Dogs 2 did a lot of things right. The open world action game got positive reviews and is generally seen as a major improvement on the first game.

Number 07. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – PS4
On the seventh spot we find the only platform exclusive game in this video. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was the best selling PS4 game and fastest selling entry in the series. Nathan Drake and his buddy Sully once again got pulled into an adventure thanks to Nathan’s long lost brother Sam.

Number 06. Final Fantasy XV – PS4 XBO
Ten years have passed and finally it’s here, Final Fantasy XV was released in 2016. Obviously this didn’t go by unnoticed. Fans of the series have been waiting on this game for a long time. Thanks to its action based open world gameplay it’s likely to attract new gamers to the series as well.

Number 05. Dishonored 2 – PC PS4 XBO
After the successful release of Dishonored a couple of years back, the sequel is even that much better! A lot of you guys see the appeal in this game and that showed in the votes. Dishonored 2 has shooting and awesome magic powers.

Number 04. Doom – PC PS4 XBO
Doom is the Godfather of First Person Shooters. It’s a game industry icon that was almost forgotten. But this year’s DOOM release gave a newer generation of gamers a taste of how 90s kids played shooters back in the day.

Number 03. Dark Souls 3 – PC PS4 XBO
One of the hardest games released this year is also one of the most beloved ones. Many of you guys just adore Dark Souls 3. Dying over and over again is no problem for gamers that like a challenge.

Number 02. Battlefield 1 – PC PS4 XBO
The Battlefield series made a jump back in time and ended up in World War 1. Thankfully it’s not only about the trench wars, and that’s probably why so many gamers like the action so much. In every online match something crazy is bound to happen and the single-player campaign isn’t bad either.

Honorable mentions: Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Civilization VI, Stardew Valley, Inside

Number 01. Overwatch – PC PS4 XBO
The true champion comes from Blizzard Entertainment this year. You guys voted massively for their new take on the team based shooter genre. This game is considered Game of the Year by the most of our viewers.

Did your favorite game make it into the ZoominGames Community Top 10 of 2016? Let us know in the comments and download our ZoominGames Community app to chat with the rest of our community!

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